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"Rediscover the Sentimentality, Creativeness and Artistry of Filipino people through the Selected Compilation of Philippines' Beautiful works of Art through Writing..."

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"Poetika at Literatura"
is derived from the Filipino (Tagalog) Language which means Poetry and Literature...

Here in this site, you can find the selected Collection of Poems made originally by Filipinos.

Brief History

Filipinos, before the coming of Spaniards, are already well talented to Poetry. They even have their own style of writing the "Alibata" but was unluckily did not survived.

They had so many Poetry that were carved to the dried woods and leaves and sometimes they engraved it to their sculptures and pottery... in which unfortunately, few survived. One major reason is that, Spanish Friars burned all of this National Treasure including the Pagan idols for the Belief that they are all inspired by the Devil.

However, some of it are still alive today especially those Poems that are passed from one generation to another through oral tradition.

Pre-Colonial Filipinos have many kinds of Poetry based from the existing theme of that poem...

Some of this are the Following*:

  • ~Dalit/Lumbay(Umbay)- Dirge/ Elegy
  • ~Hiliraw - War poem
  • ~Tigpasin - Rowing (boat) poem
  • ~Uyayi/ Hele - Lullaby
  • ~Tingad - Household poem
  • ~Ihiman - Bridal poem
  • ~Kundiman - Love poem
  • ~Sabi - Proverb
  • ~Suliranin/ Indulanin - Street poem
  • ~Diyuna - Revelry poem
  • ~Tagulaylay - Mournful poem
  • ~Sawikain - Sayings (in a form of poetry)
  • ~Bugtong - Riddle (in a form of poetry)
  • ~Talindaw - Boat poem
  • ~Kumintang - War/ Love poem

(*The Informations above are taken from a book named "The History of the Filipino People" written by Filipino historian Dr. Teodoro Agoncillo)

Upon the coming of Spaniards, the Filipino poetry evolved into a more complex form as the colonist brought the European style of poetry (i.e. the use of rhymes, meters, etc.)

The poet that was best praised for artistry in this times is Francisco "Baltazar" Balagtas. He is said to be the Filipino version of Shakespeare of England. Balagtas, aside from being a poet, is also a dramatist in which... like Shakespeare... makes the dialogues of the drama to be in Poetry form.

Balagtas is immortalized by his poetical epic named "Florante at Laura" (Florence and Laura). It is from this narrative poetry that he made some allegorical devices and symbolisms that shows the ill-treatment of Spaniards to every Filipinos. It is also said that it became known to the whole world that time. However, soon after... it was forgotten.

Balagtas has written many beautiful poems but none survived (except from those that are best memorized by many people because of its beauty and unique of style) because of the tragedy from Orion, Bataan in which all of his works are burned. Who burned those and the reasons behind is still unknown.

From the coming of the Americans, Filipino's sentimentality from their Literature (combined with the romantic effects of Spanish’s influences) had develop into a new modernized style through this English poetry.
Because of the democracy given by the new colonists, many are attracted from this art of poetry.

It is from the coming of Japanese occupation that their poetry skills had evolved into a more developed styles especially that it was in this period that satires and other forms of witty poetry had emerged.

Up to now, the unique sentimentality, emotionality, and creativeness of Filipinos continue to aspire them to make the spirit of poetry still blazing alive within their hearts!

Impressions from the History

Filipinos are naturally-born artistic and creative people. Unfortunately, this talents are not made known to the whole world how beautiful and wonderful is the race of the Filipinos are.

From the History, Filipinos didn't had so much opportunity to express this talent to the whole world. First thing, Spaniards destroyed all of their works of art in order to show to the whole world that "they came into the Philippines with neither civilizations nor civilized society in it" whereas it's not. They already have their own government, artists, organized society, mythology, and even a religion!

From the time when Filipinos are becoming more creative and skillful with this art... they are discouraged by the Spaniards. One case is from the simple anecdote of Jose Rizal, National Hero, wherein he had joined from a national poem writing competition wherein both Spaniards and Indios are allowed to join the said contest. Luckily, He was declared as the victor of the said contest but... unfortunately, upon knowing that he is an Indio and not a Spaniard... the title and the prize was then transferred to another Spaniard who was next to him!

Also from that Spanish Colonial period, Francisco Balagtas (like what as discussed before) is likely to become the First indio who shall be famous to the whole world because of his beautiful and enchanting poetry until... a mysterious fire had eaten the remnants of all of his masterpieces!

During the American colonization period, one of the tactics of the latter is to brainwashed the Filipinos and make them feel that all that was made from America is better than their local. This tactics has still had its effect to the Filipinos today as almost all of them are victims of colonial mentalism! You could also observe from majority of them wanted to destroy their beautiful golden-brown skin just for the sake of having an American color! There are many others...

Japanese Occupation is the time when writers became fewer for many became more interesting in war fighting for freedom. Many surrendered their 'pen' just to join the Guerilla...

Nowadays, the "Renaissance" of Filipino's Classical art and Culture are still on a very slow process because of the dreadful effects made by their own History.

Objective/s of This Site

Thus... main vision and mission of this site is this:” To make a 're-discovery' of Filipino Classical art and Culture (in this site... we would focus hence on Poetry) towards the dream of having a Renaissance here in the Philippines... and most of all... the founder of this site believes that as the Filipinos would learn to appreciate, to love, and to embrace again their own identity, the identity that was once degraded! That was once lost! That was brainwashed! ... There comes next... the rise of the spirit of Nationalism!...
The ideals in which the maker of this site believe... to be the most important factor for the progress in the Philippines!

Filipinos are also great people like many other Asian nations but they do lack that opportunity to show to the whole world how great Filipinos can be (again!)... This is why through the use of this internet that I may fulfill my visions and missions for this commiserative country who, by now, struggling for international identity and respect!

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