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The Eternal Light (Oratorical Piece)

Dr. Jose P. Rizal

A Candle is a small thing.
But one candle can light one another.
And as it gives its flame to other,
see how its own light… increases!

You are such as a light.

Light is the power to dispel darkness.

You have this power to move back the darkness in yourself and in others–with the birth of light created when one mind illuminates another, when one heart kindles another, when one man strengthens another.

And its flame also enlarges within you as you pass on!

Throughout the history, ... Children of Darkness
have tried to smother this passage of light from man to man.

Throughout the history; Dictators, large and small, have tried-
... to darken, ...to diminish, ...and to separate men by force!
But... always in the end, ... they fail!

For always somewhere in the world the Light remains!
... ready to burn its brightest where it is dark;
... a Light that began when God created the world!

"... Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment..." --Psalm 104

And every free people has remained free!
...free by resisting those who would extinguish in men
... the Light of Freedom, of Love, and of Truth!

To do Our daily part to increase this Light,
We must remember that a candle alone... is a small thing,
a man alone... is a small thing,
and a nation alone... is a very small thing.

Remembering this... ,
We must recognize something much more than our indispensability to others.
We must also remember Their indispensability to us.

For how can we hope-- either as individuals or nations
... to reach our maximum
...'till we help those around us reach theirs?

To be strong, the strong must serve!

Copyright © 2009 by J. Estoque
All Rights Reserved


Mariana Soffer said...

Do you know the fable about a father asking its son to break a bunch of sticks with his hand. The sun tried tons of times and coudn t, so the father say I am going to teach you something, and he separated the sticks into several groups, and gave them to his son to break them one group at a time. Then he said together they are strong.

Filipinayzd said...

thanks for visiting bikoltranslator.blogspot.com

backpacking philippines said...

such thought provoking piece. and dwells on on of my fave topics. thanks for visiting my blog

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