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Forgettable Affections!

Jm Benavidez Estoque

Like a Flower that blooms; but soon shall be withered,
"Veins whose was once warm... changed to pale and gray!"

Like of yesterday's Springtime; changing todays Winters.
"Once days so fervent changed to endless nights!"

A Heart so melodious, singing madrigals,
... ended to sentiments that bleeds so far!

A Spirit so joyful... that once her delights shining,
... but on the morrows, so gloomy with tears endless cries!

Deep heavy burdens that my Heart could not bear,
... with a Flower in my soul ended so well-

...To grievous thorns to my hearts, 'till it bleeds,
"Ne'er ever shall I keep this love again... !"

Copyright © 2009 by J. Estoque
All Rights Reserved


Mariana Soffer said...

Beautifull poem this one,you show both faces of the same thing with many examples. Or you can say that you show how good things can turn sour and have no returning to the good part.
And it talks also about acceptance, that I like, you are accepting that the love has no way back.

Strawberry Girl said...

The change in dramatic tone from sentimentality to finality is very well done indeed!! I enoyed reading this J. good work!


SEAQUEST said...

everytime, pumapasok ako sa site ang sarap ng feeling na kala ko nasa spanish time ako lagi....

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