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Prayers of an Old Tree

Jm Benavidez Estoque

Oh! Wearied now was my body laid into rest...
Beneath the benevolent skies... slept into peace,
Whose my Mind and my Heart wandered to her nests
... Beyond the clouds of my silent life.

Often was my heart hears
The lyre of gentle breeze laid despair
... Whose willed am I to make life happy
Loneliness still was my dear friend

Oh yes! The silent spring that runs to my thirst
... like a love who learned to long for God
So often that my heart wept,
"Comfort me, Oh Lord... guide me through my days!"

"Through the sweet calm breeze, my traveller friend,
... please hear my voice, my wish be blest!
Swaying with hope, my fragile body, with the winds
Hoping that my prayers shall catch you from afar!"

So often was my eyes dazzled by your love
unto the heavens of your cheerful smile;
... Shining bright, curtains of sun
... unto the stars woderfurlly glisten' at the night

Please keep mind to those songs of praises,
... by birds of the air, my very old friends:
... who dance with the breezes, amidst joyful singing,
Praising Your wonders upon sweet morning spring

"To Thee, I raised my arms
Longing to honor Your majestic presence...
Amidst weeping and dreaming ,
... Longing was my soul to Your ever sweet Paradise!"

Old and ragged... and weak now I am
... But hope that my heart would weep for Thy love...!

Copyright © 2009 by J. Estoque
All Rights Reserved


Strawberry Girl said...

Beautiful, natures longing voice heard through your words.


Jm Benavidez Estoque said...

Yes! for every creation of God... there's always an innate music that we can hear from them... and that is the music of passionate emotions!

And it is in us if we choose to teach ourselves to every musics that our mother nature sings!


Thanks for stopping by!
Hope to see you again... :D

Anonymous said...

i wonder what is the figurative meaning beyond that poem???

its really wonderful!

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