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Whisperings in the Wind

Rafael Antonio Palma*

I miss the way you smile with those lovely eyes,
although I hate to admit this, even to myself.
You have this charm that made me silent and still.
Like the wind that blows, without any warning.

You can make the pain go away,
And I could just stare at you all day.
And wish that if you could only stay this way.
Cupid shot an arrow through my heart and picked You.

I could walk away from this,
But destiny has awicked sense of humor,
He always has a way to make me fall for you.
I cannot fight what is meant to happen.

You made me believe that I could love again,
That it is never too early or too late,
You have a way of making me smile,
And I love you for it everytime, you just did’nt notice.

You have this way of reaching out,
Even when I am silent and just looking at you.
Because I am loving you with every piece of my soul.
A burning flame that yearns only for You.

*The Following Poetry is Re-Published and Re-Titled (original piece name, "Sakura") with the Consent and Permission from the Original Author of the Piece and as well as Facebook Webpage as its publisher
Copyright © 2009 by J. Estoque
All Rights Reserved

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deepteshpoetry said...

Great post as usual.Loved it in tons!Well, I've posted after a long time!Pls c my new poem

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