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Soneto de Invierno/ Winter Sonnet

Jm Benavidez Estoque

Unto the blue skies t’was so lovely and more temperate
… bounded by fields of green whose a vast whitening!
Here was my heart so cold unchaste,
… yearning for the passion of deep fervor blaze.

Leaves ever falling, rustling… weeping unto the misty trees
… whose branches of her, Oh, those sweet embraces she reminds!
And… for this December, whose skies are gold,
… Painful and weeping was my heart and soul!

And from whence this Christmas lies?
… but to the stories untold.
… of the birth of the one… the delight of Heavens!
… Whose warmth affections that bleeds, host.

For so long as my heart would dictate,
‘Shall I never ever forget thee… !

*Note: The Painting (above) that is used for this Poetry is an art created by Juan Luna, A Filipino Painter during the Spanish Era in the Philippines
Copyright © 2009 by J. Estoque
All Rights Reserved


Strawberry Girl said...

Beautiful description of pain and longing...


de durata said...

The painting is absolutely brilliant!!

...and it goes prefectly with the poetry


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