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"OFW: The Overseas Filipino Workers"


To never have qualifications recognised
To suffer racism
To be criticised

To be given orders by someone who refuses to use your name
To play by their rules but never win at their game .
To have your life placed in danger in other peoples conflicts and wars
THATS what the OFW is for!

To do the jobs all others refuse
To smile remain silent never speak the truth
To give to others until you have no more
Thats what the Filipino worker is for!

To continue when your heart is in pain
To be paid the lowest wage and never complain
To clean tables and scrub floors
Thats what the Filipino worker is for!

To be kept as a domestic slave and never be free
To be constantly stripped of your dignity
To be belittled until you cant take it anymore
thats what the Filipino worker is for!

*note: the selected painting displayed above is one of Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo's (a Hispanic-Filipino Painter) painting entitled in english, "Laguna Estigia/ River Styx”.

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