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'Till There was Someone, A Special Like You

by John Marc Benavidez Estoque

Fernando Amorsolo

Gloomy are the stars in endless summer nights…
Obscure ever this heart wishing the sky was bright!

Indistinct yonder the songs those singing birds bring…
Whose ears couldn’t listen but to whispers of the wind!

But now here you are; gift from heaven’s delight…
There’s nothing to fear since you’re here at my side.
Gone are those nights singing dolorous songs
Of a wild torn heart waiting for a beautiful morn!
Gone are those days whose soul a-searching…
That from the glimpse of thy face; there shall I find heaven a-smiling!

Never be the stars to ever gloom again
That shall sparkle to day till the morrow’s end.
Never shall be this heart be lonely beneath the moon
Now that you’re here mending pieces of my late heart’s wound!

Never be the sonnets of a poet to run dry again
That from thy heart shall cast melodious madrigals it sings!
‘Till there was someone, a special like you…
Who added years to my years and joys to my joys!

Copyright © 2011 by J. Estoque
All Rights Reserved

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