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An Advice From Him Who Was Once Dead

J.K. Samson

Esp aña y Filipinas
by Juan Luna
An advice from him who was once dead:
Listen, mortals, lest you be misled.
I have come to address all your woe
And share to you all things you must know.

Love and let love but do not forget
To use your reason, lest you regret.
For some things are harder to let go
Like sin, love and visions of tom'row.

Express yourself, your love, your passion
But heed in making your decision.
Be prudent lest your heart be wounded
For both hate and love here descended.

Hypocrite you may be calling me
Or even more; self-righteous, maybe.
But I speak, in experience I base
I've felt what you feel in many ways.

Numb I may be in your weary eyes.
A man who's pretending to be wise.
But my life so far, is fine you see.
For these words were intended for me.

Copyright © 2011 by J. Estoque
All Rights Reserved

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