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The Dreamer's Hymn

by J.M. Benavidez-Estoque

To journey to a world of uncertainty
Wilderness of life yet determined to see
Whose stars are but darkness in the mists
Dreaming that heavens someday be reached
Soaring ‘neath the clouds yet with shattered wings!

Dreaming that someday future shall be bright,
Hoping that for the morrow, the sun shall rise!
Yearning for a dream of falsehoods than right,
A crazy self let drowned from the illusion of desires…
Whose ends are but impossible to achieve!

Pity a soul… with a shattered dreams!
Yet in mind and heart still believing to see:

Longing for a goal whose mind indistinct…
Of a dream of whether uncertain to achieve?
Yearning for a journey of a thousand miles…
Yet in heart’s a doubt where should it begin?

Oh Heavens… let me fly, grant me thy wings!
That for the morrow shall be… as bright to see:
Whose soul soaring in the stormy seas…
Of a world so illusioned farther reality!

Oh let it flare, the burning flames of my soul…
Whose passions a blazing, a gleaming fire!
Sparking in the midst of a darkest night,
Awaiting for the dawn where the sun shall rise!

Be provoked ye, oh my soul, whose spirit is dying!
Be proud like a lion enslaved struggling to be free…
Oh! From this hopes like a dying leaves
Like a tree praying waiting for the spring!

And when the night still falls like a mind so cloudy…
Till the days you live, tears of helplessness still rolling…
In heart and mind shall you must never forget,
That behind the darkest clouds there’s this sun still shining!

Copyright © 2011 by J. Estoque
All Rights Reserved

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