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You Alone

by Rolando A. Carbonell

You alone, beloved, can teach me to measure the memory of a song… No one knows to what ecstasy my heart will soar. The gentleness in your smile is enough to touch the tenderness in my heart. In the secret page of my life is written a story… never to be forgotten. For all the silent records this vessel holds contain the memory of you.

Come, then, beloved and sing with me the songs so sweet. Burn my soul with the magic jewel of your song that I may awaken form the darkness of this world to view the blossoming of the stars. And there is any power greater than love? Speak down beloved, speak. Give to me the essence of your love, and the slumbering poems in this dark universe will blazon anew; swelling like waves upon the blossom of a hungry shore.

Because you and I shall sing, heaven itself will quiver with a burst of song. And the morning will greet us with a glow to open the flowering of a new tune. No one else but you can still the throbbing, sobbing, murmuring voice within. No one. For you alone, can reach the silent stretches of my soul. You alone…

Without you, beloved, what joy will there be in a song? Without the embraces of your love—what use is the beauty of the morn? Without the promise of your kiss, what delight is there in the fragrance of a rose? Without you, my love, memory itself will lose the beauty of its touch…

Come then, my dear,
Like a flower,
Like a song,
Like a dream…
And I shall write the forgotten poems of many days you secretly left in my soil. In every line I shall scribble the many thoughts this soaring mind holds envelope the memory of your youth scattered by the winds.

You alone can make a miracle out of a song…
You alone can transform this poem into a prayer…
You alone can make me feel the breath of life again.

You alone

 Copyright © 2011 by J. Estoque
All Rights Reserved


Alfredo Capati said...

This poem reminds me of the love of my youth, its promise, its fulfillment in my children.

Anonymous said...

This poem describes the love of my life...magical, untouched and irreplaceable.

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