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In its Time

by J.M. Benavidez Estoque

"Rice Fields" painting by Jose B. David

Though a flower is withered, dying and torn,
It has allotted span to bloom
Though a seed was sown in cold winter morn,
It shall sprout on its own in springtime noon
A tree bare and barren in all forlorn,
Oh time comes will be… fruits it shall bear soon.

A young goose restrained of fear and hesitation…
In midday sun, will freely join the flock of all
A lonesome man wanders the world in reclusive own
In its own time, the heart shall heed the lover’s call
And when the night… in darkness alone
Wait for the sunlight to rise on its own!

For everything in life is God’s planned time:
Just as the chanticleer knows when to crow,
When it is time to meet the sunlight’s warmth;
Or, Just as the li’l clock knows when to alarm,
When it is scheduled to stop and go.

A time to wither, a time to bloom
A time to die, a time to rise
A time to be sown, a time to spring
A time to hide, a time to greet the sunlight
A time to be alone, a time to reach out
A time to be lonely, a time to be loved

For everything in life is God’s planned time:
Just as the rain knows when to go,
And rainbows understand when to follow;
Or, Just as the man knows when to cry,

 And the world shall understand 
         when to make him
                           smile again!

Copyright © 2014 by J. Estoque
All Rights Reserved

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