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To Joanna

by Jaime C. Andres Jr.

It is love that moved this hand to create this craft--
So tender, so sweet are voices of the verse
Whose Author was none but of the free living heart!
Offered to none, but to this dear reader of mine...

Blissful is the sky, catching thy name from the wind
Till I find myself falling in love...
A smile from thy lips--- a soul lost but found
Yearning for none but to find you in my arms

Lovers whose meeting, a stage beneath curtains
Thy smile a moonlit sky, thy eyes a glittering clouds
Whose affection a tree in midsummer's spring
Raised by the seasons, audience are the stars

Oh my love, my fire eternal
Endless like this heart never to cease upon
My life once dark, you shed me light
Illuminating my days more than the sun's

This until this pen finished
Symbol of endearing desire
If only you could accept...
There shall you find the word... "Forever"

Copyright and Translated © 2015 by J.M. Benavidez Estoque
All Rights Reserved


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Thanks for the compliment po

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